Royal Caribbean Vs Princess

Compare Royal Caribbean and Princess


9/1/20233 min read

Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises are two of the most popular cruise lines in the world. Both offer exceptional services and amenities that cater to different types of travelers. Royal Caribbean is known for its activity-packed ships that are perfect for families and young couples looking for adventure. Their ships are equipped with rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks, and even surfing simulators. Princess Cruises, on the other hand, offers a more relaxed and elegant atmosphere that is ideal for mature travelers. Their ships feature a range of dining options, spas, and a casino, as well as plenty of opportunities for relaxation and enrichment. Whether you're looking for a high-energy vacation or a more laid-back experience, both Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises have something to offer.

Royal Caribbean and Princess are not under the same parent company as Royal and Celebrity are. Therefor, if you are trying to decide is a Royal cruise or Princess is right for your next vacation, you wont be gaining the “dual” loyalty points.

Princess Cruises offer a more mature and classic cruising feel. The guest that sail are typically mid 40’-80’s retired and looking for a relaxing environment with classic trivia and live music. The ships have the grand attention to detail, where there are hand painted wall murals throughout the ship. It adds this sense of luxury and class that you don’t get much from Royal Caribbean ships. In fact, on my last Royal cruise the had some really horrible graphics in the elevator that were totally embarrassing. It was kind of sad that they made the cut with as much business as they do, they could have done better.

The Royal crowds are a bit younger, travelers with smaller children or multi generational families traveling in groups, is pretty common. The ships with Royal are after the WOW factor and looking for energetic families ready to ride some waves,a den climb rock walls. They have larger vessels with number cars, lazier tag and trampoline zones. Definitely more for thrill seekers, then the laid back crowds we saw on Princess.

The food on Princess is a bit more refined. The quality is great, especially considering they have the best pizza at sea, by far. They also offer the ultimate balcony dining experience from those that have a room with a balcony and want great service and delicious food, without having to leave their state room for the evening. This option does come with a small fee.

Royal’s food is still pretty darn good. It’s just a bit less attractive in the main dining as it was on Princess. We thought on Princess there was that attention to detail showing even at the free venues VS on Royal where the Buffett was often destroyed and main dining served many dishes with carelessness. Like forgetting gravy, and even the cranberry sauce with a classic turkey diner.

I will say, service was great on both lines. I thought Princess was less pushy with the nickel and diminishing that comes with all the major cruise lines. This always makes me happy. At the spa onboard Royal, I get hounded to open my wallet for add-ons, products I don’t need nor want. It really leaves me feeling awful after spending 100’s on a message or various treatments. I tend to avoid Royals spa all together now.

Bottom line, choose Royal for big onboard fun and if you are traveling with kids and teens. Choose Princess if you seeking some relaxing good times and want some spa time.

Grand Cayman Islands, photo by Chad Hoberer